Disklavier Piano Technology Brings Master Teachers to BYU

The first distance learning masterclass at BYU connected Spencer Myer virtually to Provo to teach piano performance majors BYU School of Music students studying piano performance had the unique [...]

BYU School of Music Helps the Museum of Art Tell the Story of M.C. Escher

Student performers recorded music on a Disklavier piano to accompany the art of M.C. Escher The connection between art and music will be spotlighted in an upcoming exhibition at BYU’s Museum of [...]

M.C. Escher Exhibit at the MOA Transports Visitors to Other Worlds

M.C. Escher: Other Worlds will be on display from Nov. 17, 2017 – May 19, 2018 A new exhibit opening at the BYU Museum of Art will feature the mind-bending works and worlds of M.C. Escher. [...]

Joshua Lindsay Brings Experience and Passion to the School of Music

New professor of vocal performance and opera, Joshua Lindsay, shares his background performing in Europe as well as what brought him to BYU While Joshua Lindsay may be among the newest faculty to [...]

Changing Children’s Lives with Music

Liz Shropshire shared how she made an impact using music in an inspirational lecture for College of Fine Arts and Communication faculty and students College of Fine Arts and Communication alumna [...]


Turning a Detrimental Diagnosis into a Prodigious Gift

Leaving the uniformity of school and experiencing international learning was life-changing for pianist Kaden Larson After overcoming the odds of a childhood diagnosis, Kaden Larson’s profound [...]


Catherine Boyack Awarded First Place in National Flute Competition

Competition highlights hard work of BYU Music Major At the tender age of two, Catherine Winters Boyack knew the flute was the instrument meant for her. “My parents, classical musicians, took me [...]


Megumi Terry | Music: Violin Performance | St. George, Utah

Playing the violin has always been an important part of Megumi Terry’s life since she began playing at the age of four. Her favorite part about being a music performance major is getting to [...]


Kirt Saville talks about service at August 1 Devotional

Kirt Saville, Director of the BYU School of Music, delivered the Devotional address on Aug. 1, 2017. Saville spoke about service saying “what goes around comes around.” Growing up, Saville [...]


Diane Reich spoke at June 6 Devotional

Diane Reich, Associate Professor of Vocal Performance and Division Coordinator for Classical Voice in the BYU School of Music, will deliver the Devotional address on June 6, 2017. With doctoral [...]