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  • Real World Experience

    Journalism students create audio-visual content for print, digital, and broadcast. BYU Communications students have served big names such as Nike, Nestle and Deseret Book. Students routinely fill competitive internships and go on to prestigious jobs in their respective fields.

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  • Student Labs

    The Department of Communications offers students the use of 12 state-of-the-art labs, including print/digital and broadcast newsrooms, two student work rooms, three research labs and rooms for focus groups and interviews.

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  • Mentored Learning

    To bridge the gap between classroom and workplace, and under the direction of expert faculty, students work in one of the department’s award-winning learning laboratories: Bradley Public Relations Agency, print/digital and broadcast newsrooms, and the Advanced Advertising Lab.

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  • Strong Grounding

    BYU’s communications programs instill a firm grasp of communication theory and principles and teach practical workplace skills. The undergraduate programs in advertising, journalism, and public relations are routinely ranked among the top in the nation.

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  • Top Recognition

    Communications students regularly receive national recognition from industry organizations such as the American Advertising Federation, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Public Relations Student Society of America.

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Department of Communications Features

Student News


Finishing strong

Runners often say “It’s not about how you start the race but rather how you finish”. The same can be said in regards to college. Many students will often do quite well until their final semester. After four years, some feel trapped and so they flake out on their classes and grades. Others are stressed […]

Faculty News


Teaching at BYU is a dream come true for Kris Boyle

Since graduating with his master’s degree from BYU, Kris Boyle has always had the dream of returning to his alma mater to teach. This dream became a possibility last year, when he received word that BYU’s Communications Department was looking to hire a new professor in journalism. Boyle, a product of the department’s journalism program, […]

Alumni News


29 years later Rhonda Shelby still has fond memories of BYU

  BYU’s Department of Communications has one of the nation’s most renowned university journalism programs. For 50 years, students have come to BYU to learn how to become professionals in the field of journalism.  Rhonda Shelby is one of thousands of BYU broadcast journalism alumnae working professionally, utilizing her BYU education to be a weather […]

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Looking into a Comms Degree?

A new promotional video for the BYU Department of Communications highlights the high caliber program, facilities and on-campus organizations that help students thrive in the real world of professional communications, namely the AdLab, Bradley PR, The Universe and BYU Eleven News. Watch this video to see if a degree in Communications is right for you.