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  • Grow

    With 16 undergraduate and 12 graduate degree programs, the School of Music trains nearly 700 students to achieve greater technical prowess and nurture their artistic sensitivity.

  • Explore

    Curious about Balinese music? Want to learn about sound recording? Wonder why music is notated how it is? Expand your musical horizons at BYU.

  • Perform

    The School of Music sponsors more than 30 ensembles, including five that tour internationally. Opportunities also abound for solo performance, composition and conducting.

  • Achieve

    BYU launches students to further musical studies and successful careers as they win regional and national competitions, attend prestigious festivals and complete internships around the world.



See Student Recitals In the Madsen May and June

Several student recitals are scheduled for May and June. The public is invited to attend these free recitals in the Madsen Recital Hall that feature students who perform on strings, the piano and other instruments. See arts.byu.edu for specific times.


Wind Symphony Performs in Four Major Cities in Korea

The Wind Symphony continued their three week tour to Asia by spending a week in beautiful South Korea. They once again immersed themselves into the local culture by spending time their first day in a Korean spa, observing traditional music, and dance and horse acrobatics at the Korean Folk Village. The Wind Symphony is given […]

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