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  • Grow

    With 16 undergraduate and 12 graduate degree programs, the School of Music trains nearly 700 students to achieve greater technical prowess and nurture their artistic sensitivity.

  • Explore

    Curious about Balinese music? Want to learn about sound recording? Wonder why music is notated how it is? Expand your musical horizons at BYU.

  • Perform

    The School of Music sponsors more than 30 ensembles, including five that tour internationally. Opportunities also abound for solo performance, composition and conducting.

  • Achieve

    BYU launches students to further musical studies and successful careers as they win regional and national competitions, attend prestigious festivals and complete internships around the world.


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Rebecca Pedersen

Rebecca Pedersen: The Making of a Diva

After being named one of the youngest winners in the history of the Metropolitan Opera National Council competition at the age of 21, BYU student Rebecca Pedersen began a prestigious operatic career. Although she has partial hearing loss and did not have any formal training until five years ago, Pedersen has now performed at The […]

BYU Concert Choir with Rosalind Hall

‘Highway 89’ Features Director Rosalind Hall and the BYU Concert Choir

BYU Radio’s Steven Kapp Perry, an award-winning songwriter, playwright, and broadcaster who loves exploring music with the writers and performers who create it, chatted with director Rosalind Hall as well as a couple of BYU’s Concert Choir members, Tuesday, April 26 for a special traveling version of Highway 89. The choir performed their entire program in the Madsen Recital […]

BYU School of Music Students

Music students to perform at 2016 convocation ceremonies

On Friday, April 22, graduates and faculty from the College of Fine Arts and Communications will gather together with friends and family in the de Jong Concert Hall at the Harris Fine Arts Center for convocations to celebrate an ending, as well as a beginning, for those graduating. Several music students will participate during the […]

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