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Graphic Design alumni Kevin Cantrell (BFA ’08) and Arlo Vance (BFA ’09) were featured in Communication Arts Typography Annual 5 this month for their 7 Days Series. Cantrell’s craftsmanlike nature shines through in his meticulous design details. The Terra poster (above) is third in the series. The text quotes the first few verses in Genesis on the creation. The four corners of the work represent the seasons. Cantrell and Vance bring text and image together with the blossoming type face reading, ‘ let the earth bring forth.’ In the corner representing the transition between summer and fall, the typeface begins to wilt. The 7 Days Series if printed in fourteen versions, including a laster etching on cherrywood. To see more of Cantrell’s work click here. for Vance’s work, click here.


Visit Kevin Cantrell’s HFAC 50th profile


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