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Videographer and media arts alum Scott Cook shares his experience with dance film, collaboration and mentoring

Scott Cook hadn’t planned on a career in film. But after a happy accident introduced him to the field, one thing led to another, and the Department of Theatre and Media Arts alum now has countless films under his belt, including award-winning projects for the BYU Department of Dance. And he’s just getting started. 

As a freshman at BYU, Cook was trying to find a religion class and stumbled upon an envelope of classes that included Book of Mormon, Writing 150 and an honors film class taught by media arts professor Dean Duncan. Thinking it might be fun, and oblivious to the impact it would have on his career, Cook signed up for the class. In one of Duncan’s lectures, he had an epiphany.

“He talked about how film is a combination of so many different things,” said Cook. “It’s a combination of music, theater, literature, art, photography, dance, business — all those things wrapped up into one art form. I thought, ‘Wait. I like music. I like literature. I like theater and movement. This is something I could do. Maybe film is what I want to study.’”

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