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Five faculty members were recognized, two with university awards and three with college awards.

Five faculty members from the College of Fine Arts and Communications were acknowledged at this year’s University Conference for their extraordinary dedication and achievements.

Faculty members Dean Duncan and Luke Howard were awarded with university level awards. Alex Woods, Kevin John and Linda Reynolds were honored with college awards.

University awards were announced in the opening sessions of the University Conference on Monday August 27th. Recipients received their awards during a presentation by CFAC Dean Ed Adams at the college meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 29th, along with college award recipients.

University Awards

The University Conference Committee acknowledged 41 professors and staff members as having found “significant ways to contribute to the university.” The committee stated, “we recognize each one of them and thank them for helping us remember our foundations and build on new opportunities.”

Professors Dean Duncan and Luke Howard were both awarded Alcuin Fellowships this year. The award recognizes professors who maintain high quality teaching, who have a history of service to Undergraduate Education programs and who have an interest in teaching interdisciplinary Honors courses. These professors then have the opportunity to teach interdisciplinary classes in the coming years and work closely with the Honors Program to help the students and the organization itself.


Dean Duncan

Duncan, an associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts, teaches a number of film classes at BYU. These classes range from more general classes, such as Introduction to Film Art and Analysis, to upper-level classes, such as non-fiction film.

After receiving his BFA in Film Production at BYU, Duncan went on to earn his doctorate at Glasgow University in Scotland. He has contributed to BYU as a professor and his research and creative work focuses on studying and producing media for children.

Duncan also contributes to BYU as the host of BYUradio’s “This’ll Take A While”. The show focuses on conversations around film, books, art, geography, and a host of other things. Its guests include a variety of professors from BYU and Utah Valley University, as well as a variety of other scholars. As stated by BYUradio’s website, the show is as engaging as it is digressive.



Luke Howard

Howard, an associate professor in the School of Music, teaches music history and General Education courses. Howard received his bachelor’s degree in Musical Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia and went on to receive his master’s degree at BYU before earning his doctorate at the University of Michigan.

Howard’s activities include research focused on the appropriation of classical music in popular culture, and he has published work in major journals such as ‘Musical Quarterly’, and “Paris New Music Review.” He has presented at national and international conferences and is an active program annotator and pre-concert presenter, having worked in this capacity with major performers.



College Awards

Recipients of these awards were selected from nominations given by department chairs and school directors. Professors were nominated because their “commitment to excellence and performance as a citizen, teacher and scholar is exemplary and merits recognition by the CFAC community,” said Dean Adams.

Alexander Woods | CFAC Excellence in Research/Creative Work

The creative efforts of Woods, an associate professor in the School of Music, are many. He is a well-respected musician throughout the world. Woods has performed as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician in credible national and international venues. “The New York Times” hailed him in past reviews as a “showstopping” violinist and a “deft and sensitive accompanist.” Woods is also a recorded artist and has worked with some great modern composers. He has performed at numerous legendary venues, such as Carnegie Hall and the Trinity Wall Street Church and also regularly performs with “The Sebastians” and “The Talea Ensemble.”

In the past, Woods studied with famous artists like Pinchas Zukerman and Syoko Ake. He now enjoys passing down this great violin tradition to his students at BYU. Woods also founded and currently directs the BYU Baroque Ensemble, which has “flourished under his tutelage,” according to Adams. The Dean also said, “Alex is a gifted musician and artist who is an exemplar of what we all aspire to become.”


Kevin John | CFAC Excellence in Teaching

John, an assistant professor in the School of Communications, has done a lot of work in psychophysiological measures and health communication. Having studied Communications at BYU, John spent a fair amount of his college and professional life in BYU’s Biometrics Lab. He has channeled his knowledge and skills to better the lives of others by improving end-of-life care for cancer patients and by optimizing alcohol warning messages, among other things.

John also seeks to improve life for his students here at BYU. He is part of multiple committees and mentors in the Biometrics Lab. A student comment read by Dean Adams said, “Dr. John makes himself so available and so approachable and totally committed to helping students succeed.” Another student stated “he is more of my mentor than a professor.”


Linda Reynolds | CFAC Excellence in Citizenship

Reynolds, a professor in the Department of Design, has contributed to Brigham Young University in many ways since she began working as a professor in 1991. Dean Adams said, “In her time as a professor at BYU, she has served on more than twenty department and college committees, and on seven university committees.” Reynolds was also the chair of the Department of Visual design for a time and oversaw the reorganization of the department.

Reynolds also helps mentor and encourage others studying design, having dealt with her own fears and insecurity while pursuing the discipline in college. She serves as a faculty mentor for Women in Design. This student organization focuses on providing role models to female students through programming, a lecture series, and social events.

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