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Studio Art student Jane Christensen loves thinking creatively. Christensen will speak at the April BYU Art Convocation this month. Following graduation, Christensen will intern in Los Angeles with artist Monique Prieto.

Born and raised in NYC, Christensen moved to Utah when she was 16. Christensen was exposed to art at a young age as her father is an artist and her mother enjoyed theater and her school was across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“I would go to the MET once a week with my school, so I’ve always been very attracted to art and I’ve found a lot of comfort in the arts,” Christensen said.

At BYU, Christensen was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts track where she was given studio space to devote to her art. In 2016, Christensen received an Orca grant to travel to Spain and Morocco where she worked on her artwork and presented a show upon returning home.

While in Morocco, Christensen visited with local craftspeople and learned traditional forms of art. Her goal was to learn more about Islamic patterns in art and architecture and the relationships with meditation and ritual. In Spain, Christensen had a studio space where she produced work for her ORCA project.

Recently, Christensen received a grant to work on a series of videos that she has created while traveling around Utah, southern California and the desert.

Christensen enjoys working in a variety of mediums including painting, video and photography.

Click here to the view the graduation live stream.

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