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Rory Scanlon

Associate Dean
  • Arts Production
  • Executive Producer for the College
  • Special Projects


Rory Scanlon, Associate Dean for the College of Fine Arts and Communications, helps supervise productions and performances for the College. He is also assigned to major projects, such as the current redesign of the Harris Fine Arts Center. As part of these assignments, he works directly with the staff of Arts Production in their various shops and studios. This is Rory’s second time in the Dean’s office, with an interim stop as Associate Dean for University General Education and supervisor of the Honors Program.

Rory graduated in Theatre & Cinematic Arts at BYU in 1979 and continued his graduate work in Costume Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He returned to BYU in 1984 where he still teaches as a faculty member in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts. His professional credits include television productions with companies such as Hasbro, General Foods and Disney, as well as theatrical productions throughout the Intermountain West.

His first book with Costume Fashion Press in New York, titled “Costume Design Graphics,” was released in 2001. Rory’s research area is Old Testament and Book of Mormon clothing. His creative team completed the historical research and construction of ancient costumes for displays at the Salt Lake Temple Square Visitors’ Centers, and he has worked with the Church on new costume designs for the Hill Cumorah Pageant. His most recent publications are two historical costume guides for BYU ScholarsArchive.

Rory’s favorite part of his career at BYU has been working with the students, whom he finds to be the best in the academic world.


BA, Brigham Young University, 1972; MFA, University of Illinois, 1984.


Name: Rory Scanlon
Title: Associate Dean
Office: F-480 HFAC
Phone: 801-422-3430

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"My philosophy is to strive to be more and to take others along on the ride. I truly love the process as much or more than the final product. Getting to know and work with talented artists is my greatest pleasure in life. And my classroom is always full of them!"

- Rory Scanlon