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David Habben created a portfolio for his designs using a calendar format and participated in Salt Lake City’s “100 Show”

BYU illustration professor David Habben was announced as a winner of the Copper Ingot at this year’s Salt Lake City “100 Show.” Habben submitted a portfolio of his designs, but he didn’t put the portfolio together in the conventional way.

“After experimenting with a new technique in my work, I created a portfolio for the work in the form of a 2020 calendar. Each month featured a new illustration and was sent out as a promotional piece to my current and potential clients,” Habben said.

Habben stocked the calendar through his website. It sold out quickly and had two print runs. 

“I designed the calendar to be almost poster size on the wall and used the space on each page to focus on the artwork. The months themselves were kept minimal and clean as to be useful without distracting from the imagery,” Habben said.

The project was chosen in September to be part of the “100 Show,” which is Salt Lake City’s most prestigious juried competition. Eligible projects are judged for craft, concept and aesthetic achievement as determined by nationally recognized judges. One hundred pieces are selected to be part of the show, and of those, ten are rewarded the Copper Ingot. This year, Habben was included in those ten.

“This project has remained one of my favorite personal projects,” Habben said. 

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