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Digital Signage

The following is a list of the different buildings associated with the College of Fine Arts and Communications. Please click on the building where you would like your digital signage to appear.


HFAC | LiveFeed

CFAC Advisement | Live Feed

Brimhall |Live Feed

Richards Building Dance Department | Live Feed

Please note that submission of a digital slide does not guarantee it will be displayed, as slides are subject to internal review by the College. The College of Fine Arts and Communications and its departments take precedence over external entities in the event our system is overburdened. As much as possible, our office will try to accommodate last-minute requests but cannot guarantee these requests will be honored. If any issues need to be resolved, please contact us at

Additionally, you can click here for a list of Digital Signage contacts across campus.*

*Please note that these listings have only been updated as of February 13, 2023 and are subject to change. Contact the individual colleges for current information.