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Share Your Experience


Share your stories on social media by using #ExperienceCFAC. By using the hashtag, you help us build a portfolio of all the amazing experiences that students, faculty and alumni are having in the College of Fine Art and Communications.

Make sure to follow along on all of our social channels to see other people’s stories. Nervous about posting? Follow our social media tips below.

Visit our Experiential Learning Toolkit to find templates, tips, assets and more.

Social Media Tips

  • If you don’t use the hashtag, we can’t find you.
  • Feel free to use other hashtags that are related to your major, such as #byucfac, #byudance, #byumusic, etc.
  • Explain what you’re doing, what it means to you and/or how this experience has helped you grow by giving us specific details in your post (who, what, when, where, why and how). The purpose of #ExperienceCFAC is to illustrate that powerful learning can happen outside of the classroom. Show us how that is done.
  • Posts that are too short sometimes don’t give enough information to explain the photo or video. Posts that are too long can drag on, and people may stop reading halfway through. Use enough text to explain your #ExperienceCFAC post to keep it clear and concise.
  • Share your location on your post so we can see where you’re doing cool things.
  • If you mention companies or people that you’ve worked with, tag them in your post. Be careful not to tag too many other users though. Try to keep tags to under three for each post.
  • Accounts can be set to private or public. If you’d like us to see or share your #ExperienceCFAC post, make sure your account is set to public. If you would prefer to keep your account private, you can send your post in a DM.

Share Your Story

Here in the College of Fine Art and Communications, we want to share your experiences! Learn how you can be part of President Worthen’s initiative below.


Capture your experience using photo or video!


Upload and send us your photos, videos, experiences and stories!


Share your stories on social media by using #ExperienceCFAC!