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Eight faculty and staff members from the College of Fine Arts and Communications retire this year

This year, several faculty and staff in the College of Fine Arts and Communications will be retiring after years of honorable and dedicated service. During their decades of work and teaching at BYU, these individuals have strengthened our college community and have inspired the minds of countless students. 

“We acknowledge all the hard work that those retiring faculty and staff dedicated to their time here at BYU,” said Dean Ed Adams. “Each one of them contributed to the various achievements within the college, and although they will be missed, we wish them all well in their future.”

Among those retiring are: Randall Boothe, Rosalind Hall, Sharon Heelis, Debbie Hendrickson, Michael Hicks, Kevin Kelly, Pam Musil and Adrian Pulfer.

Randall Boothe | Music

During his 43 years working at BYU, Randall Boothe was not only a professor but also a director. He served as associate dean of the college for five years. Boothe taught Private Voice Instruction, Young Ambassadors Performance and Junior Music Dance Theatre Seminar. He also directed the Young Ambassadors, Lamanite Generation, Curtaintime USA, BYU Sounds, Sounds of Freedom, 9 Homecoming Spectaculars, Vocal Jazz Ensemble and 18 main stage musical theater productions.

Rosalind Hall | Music

Rosalind Hall originally came to BYU after studying at three previous schools; the University of London, University of Edinburgh and London’s Royal Academy of Music. Hall came to BYU to pursue post-graduate studies in choral conducting and in 1999 returned to BYU to teach vocal performance ensembles and choral conducting. Hall was the director of the BYU Men’s Chorus and Concert Choir. 

Sharon Heelis | Art

Sharon Heelis worked for the Art Department for nearly 40 years. Through the years, Heelis witnessed many changes to the department — including the first computer in the office. She started her career as a part-time student secretary and soon thereafter earned a full-time position working as the gallery secretary, and culminating her career as the department secretary. Heelis also earned a degree in Art History while working for the department and taught evening classes for Art in basket weaving. 

Debbie Hendrickson | Advisement

Debbie Hendrickson joined the College of Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center in 2010. Hendrickson began her career at BYU as a student, and she worked part-time in the Admissions Office. After she graduated, Hendrickson worked full-time in the Admissions Office for three years and then worked for nine years as an Admissions Counselor. She then worked in the Graduate Studies office for two years as an advisor. Debbie’s gentle nature, caring compassion and thorough work have endeared her to hundreds of students, faculty, administration and most especially to the advisement team.

Michael Hicks | Music

Michael Hicks came to BYU to teach composition and theory in 1985. Hicks is a composer, performer, and writer. His orchestral, chamber and solo works have been performed by countless artists across the US and also by BYU students and faculty ensembles. He is the distinguished author of six books, dozens of historical and analytical articles, and his poetry has been published in multiple outlets. Hicks also won the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award three times during his career at BYU.

Kevin Kelly | Comms

After 19 years at the global advertising company “Ogilvy & Mather,” Kevin Kelly joined the School of Communications at BYU in 2004 to teach strategic planning, account management and the senior capstone classes. Kelly helped improve BYU’s advertising program by revising the curriculum, including adding copywriting as a discipline. Because of his 25 years in advertising, Kelly built bridges between academia and the profession by adding many internships and a recruiters fair, giving students opportunities to access the advertising industry. He also chaired a task force under Elder Ballard to find new ways to use paid media to enhance missionary efforts of The Church. Kelly received the 2020 Distinguished Advertising Educator Award from the American Advertising Federation. He also co-authored “The Ark” with Michael McLean, a musical about Noah and his family which premiered off-Broadway in 2005.

Pam Musil | Dance

Pam Musil worked for the Dance Department for 27 years. Musil served as the Contemporary Area Administrator for eight years and as Department Chair for five years. She was a professor of contemporary dance, and excelled in dance science and education. For five years, Musil worked as the artistic director of DanceEnsemble. Musil was also a section editor and chapter author for the textbook project “Case Studies in Dance” and she is the current co-editor of “Dancing Across the Lifespan: Age-related issues in Dance.”

Adrian Pulfer | Design

Adrian Pulfer came to the BYU Design Department in 1985. His creative work has been featured in almost every professional design publication and has won many national awards. The American Express “Portraits” campaign won several gold awards including “Campaign of the Decade.” Pulfer not only received the Karl G. Maeser Research Award, but he is also a multi-year recipient of the Graphis Platinum Award for excellence in teaching. He also worked as art director and associate editor of Graphis Magazine.

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