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The Perfect(able) Body


Megan Sanborn Jones is a Professor in the Theatre and Media Arts Department where she serves as the associate chair of the department and Artistic Director of BYU Theatre. Her publications include work in: Theatre Journal, Theatre Topics, Theatre History Studies, and more. Her second book, Contemporary Mormon Pageantry: Seeking After the Dead from the University of Michigan Press was published this last October 2018. Megan is also a director/choreographer with credits at BYU including: Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy, Young Company’s Twelfth Night and Tom Stoppard’s Travesties. Megan and her husband, Dr. Glen Jones, are the happy parents of Cohen (12) and Eden (9).

Faith + Works Lecture Series | Megan Sanborn Jones

BYU Professor of Theatre explains the power of physical movements in making theatre and practicing religion.

BYU Professor of Theatre explains the connection between physical bodies, actions, and beliefs.

BYU Professor of Theatre discusses how the human body influences her storytelling techniques.

The Perfect(able) Body

December 6, 2018 Lecture

“Be Ye Therefore Perfect” is a commandment that weighs heavily on the minds of BYU students and can become overwhelming when in the context of where we are now and where we are trying to go. Theatre professor Megan Sanborn Jones suggested that the weight we feel is manifested in very real ways through our bodies.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have a unique view within Christianity that the body is not something corrupt that has to be overcome, but rather a tool given by God to be a support to the spirit. Jones said, “Bodies are a gift; honoring and respecting the body is key to the plan of salvation and a key to becoming perfect. We have a body and a spirit equally powerful and equally divine.”


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