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Art Professor Joe Ostraff will discuss his numerous experiences with collaboration in his November Faith and Works lecture

BYU art professor Joe Ostraff shares his presentation “We Breathe the Same Air” at the November Faith and Works Lecture Series.

Ostraff has directed multiple collaborative programs that have involved hundreds of BYU students and faculty. These programs have resulted in over 30 international, national and regional exhibitions.

After graduating from BYU, Ostraff received an MFA in painting from the University of Washington and now teaches primarily painting, drawing and advanced studio courses at BYU.

Ostraff was a recipient of the 2010 Utah Arts Council Visual Arts Fellowship, and in 2014 he received a grant to fund the Western Wilds Collaboration through the BYU Laycock Center. The outcomes of this project were over 40 artist books, prints, video installations and experimental pieces of music, which were exhibited in the Harris Fine Arts Center galleries.  

His remarks at the November lecture will focus on his experiences with collaboration and partnership, and how these experiences have “affected [his] relationships exponentially.”  

Ostraff is “fascinated by experiences that incorporate time and place, especially as they correspond with systems in which elements align or synchronize.” He said, “These experiences serve as an underpinning in my quest for understanding as I constantly define and redefine my relationship to my surroundings.”

The lecture will take place on Nov. 1 at 11 a.m. in the Madsen Recital Hall.

Read summary of lecture here.

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