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 Patti LuPone helped music dance theatre (MDT) students realize the power of emotion

Broadway masterclass with Patti LuPone, September 6, 2019. (Photography by Martha Duzett)

When beloved Broadway actress and singer Patti LuPone came to BYU as part of the BRAVO! Professional Performing Arts Series, she participated in a workshop to guide MDT students in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts to dig deep into their emotions and commit to their performances.

“I wanted to see them take me on a journey,” said LuPone. “If you’re confident in a song, more spontaneity occurs, and when spontaneity occurs, we’re captivated as an audience.”

As LuPone worked with each student, their performances came to life through laughter, tears and moments of connection to both their music and lyrics.

Read more at the Department of Theatre and Media Arts website.

The BRAVO! Series produced by BYU offers masterclasses as part of the professional performing arts series.

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