Disklavier Piano Technology Brings Master Teachers to BYU

School of Music

BYU School of Music students studying piano performance had the unique opportunity to take part in an unconventional masterclass with renowned professional pianist, Spencer Myer. What made the workshop different was that while it took place in BYU’s Harris Fine Arts Center, Myer was in Boston the whole time.

Connecting instructors to students via video conference is becoming more commonplace in classrooms, but trying to communicate musical technique from a distance can be a challenge. The masterclass attempted to lessen this obstacle by connecting the piano Meyer played on, to the piano in the HFAC.

This was accomplished with a Yamaha Disklavier piano which was connected to the piano Myer sat at in Boston. While participants played their selections in Provo, Myer heard and saw the notes played in real time at his piano and viewed the performer’s technique on screen.