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KUED PBS gives a behind-the-scenes look at BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble students celebrating cultures and heritage. (Jaren Wilkey/BYU)

KUED PBS gives a behind-the-scenes look at BYU’s International Folk Dance Ensemble, which celebrates cultures throughout the world through dance

The BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble is known all over the world for their vibrant costumes and enthusiastic dancing; however, fewer people know the history or inner workings of the group. On May 23, KUED PBS gave viewers a unique behind-the-scenes look at the ensemble and the dedication of all involved.

This seven-minute feature video about the ensemble is featured on the “This Is Utah” segment of KUED PBS. “This Is Utah” is meant to highlight and celebrate the diversity that exists in Utah through arts, culture, food and events.

As a Utah-based group, the International Folk Dance Ensemble’s desire to share cultures through dance with others is met with enthusiasm for family history work and genealogy. The ensemble hopes their performances will stand as a celebration of heritage. 

The group spent the summer of 2019 traveling to China, Belgium, France and Poland to share their love of dance and cultures with audience members.

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