Sacred Sounds: A Compassionate Listening Guide to Musical Worship was an interdisciplinary exhibition curated by undergraduate Maddie Blonquist. The project investigated the musical sounds used in worship in the three Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Visitors listened to an audio guide, watched a documentary, marveled at art installations and read examples of prayers, all with the intent of improving interfaith relations on campus and in the community.


Maddie Blonquist


Blonquist (BA ’18) is a senior majoring in music and interdisciplinary humanities with a minor in art history. She served as the primary curator for the Sacred Sounds exhibit.

“This university has made possible my dream of creating experiences that change people. Not only have I been equipped to make a difference in the community and contribute to the world around me, but studying music and the humanities has really helped me cultivate a sense of empathy. I don’t think education just leaves you trained, it leads you closer to becoming that much more like Heavenly Father. BYU has facilitated all of that for me.”


Brandon Boulton


Boulton (MFA ’19) is an artist and educator. He is currently pursuing a master of fine arts degree from BYU. Boulton and Blonquist co-designed the two contemporary sculptural pieces in the show.

Peter Totten


Totten (BA ’18) is a senior studying media arts. Totten was thrilled to be a part of the Sacred Sounds exhibit on the documentary segments.

Carlie Brooks


Brooks (BA ’20) is a graphic and exhibit designer for the Harold B. Lee Library. Brooks designed, built and installed the text panels and domes of the Sacred Sounds Exhibit.

Lucas Jones


Jones (BA ’16) graduated from BYU with degrees in French and Spanish. Jones researched and selected much of the music and wrote much of the text for the audio recordings in the exhibit.


Jeremy Grimshaw

Faculty Mentor

Grimshaw is an associate dean in the College of Fine Arts and Communications who teaches American experimental music and Balinese gamelan. He holds a PhD in musicology from Eastman School of Music.

Jeff Sheets

Faculty Mentor

Sheets teaches advertising in the School of Communications. He is the founder and and faculty advisor for the BYU Advanced Advertising Lab and served as the director of the Laycock Center for Creativity and Collaboration.

Andrew C. Reed

Faculty Mentor

Reed is a professor of comparative religions and church history. He is a Richard L. Evans Fellow of the BYU Office of Religious Outreach and an organizer and participant for the Jewish and LDS academic dialogue.