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The all-female a cappella group released a music video of their new arrangement of “You’ll Be in My Heart” to pay tribute to maternal love.

BYU’s a cappella group Noteworthy chose to honor mothers this year by recording an all-female arrangement of the song “You’ll Be in My Heart,” originally written and performed for the animated Disney movie “Tarzan” by Phil Collins. 

The group had planned to do a tribute to mothers and mother figures since last year, and the timing of their most recent music video happened to coincide with the week before Mother’s Day. Keith Evans, the director of the music video and the former director of Noteworthy, chose the song “You’ll Be in My Heart” because his wife often sings it as a lullaby to their own son and he felt it was a good representation of the bond between mothers and children.

“This seemed like the perfect song to use for a tribute to the gentle, nurturing presence of mothers in our lives,” Evans said. “In Noteworthy’s version, we emphasize the qualities of the song that make it feel like a lullaby to make it feel more soothing and less intense than the original version of the song.”

The music video, which was primarily filmed at the Bright Building in Provo, features three generations of women coming together to welcome a new baby. Lead singer Amy Lorsch explained, “We thought the concept of showing a family of four generations in the video would help people think about their own family and the love between them.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 8 and already has over 17,000 views. Fans can purchase the single on iTunes or listen through Amazon Music.

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