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According to the Princeton Review, “A good professor can shape your success in a particular class–but a truly amazing professor can change your life forever.” They partnered with (the #1 professor rating site) and students across the country to find the professors who have made a lasting impact in the lives of their students. Rosalind Hall, associate professor from the School of Music, was rated as one of the top 300 professors in the nation!

Many know Rosalind Hall as the conductor of Men’s Chorus and Concert Choir from their dynamic performances, from the playful to the ethereal. While it’s clear she draws out a high level of musicality, from where comes that extra notch that makes her stand out.

Reviewers on give some clues. Writes one former student, “She knows her stuff, and knows everyone she teaches by name – all 300+ students.” Another writes, “Rehearsals are so productive and spiritual. She will never settle for anything but your best. You must work hard and give your all but the work is SO rewarding.”

For an inside look at rehearsals, check out the YouTube video created by members of Concert Choir. The BYU Men’s Chorus also has a gallery of rehearsal photos that let everyone in on the national-level experience.

For her dedication and excellence, it becomes clear why Rosalyn Hall is one of America’s top professors. Read about the Princeton Review’s list here and be sure to click on the link to the pdf that lists the 300 top professors.

Learn more about Sister Hall on the Men’s Chorus website.

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