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Samantha Clark Forrest chose to study journalism because she loves writing and telling stories. She loves the changing and adapting environment that news media offers and she enjoys learning how technology is changing media.

Her first hands on reporting experience was writing for The Daily Universe (Comms 321) where she went to the Utah Capitol every week to interview various state senators and legislators about their committees and bills. The experience taught her about politics and helped build her writing portfolio.

While in the program, Forrest enjoyed getting to know and work with the other journalism students. A pivotal moment was the hands on experience she gained at the School of Communications New York Internship program where she had experiences that changed her life.

“I met so many lifelong friends, worked for the news startup Bold TV, and also attended Broadway shows,” Forrest said. “The experience taught me a lot about myself and really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I will definitely always remember my time living in New York City.”  

Forrest benefitted from working closely with professors who helped influence her experience and goals. After graduation, Forrest plans to move to San Francisco and work in communications.

“You can do anything you set your mind to if you work hard,” Forrest said. “My advice for students would be to start networking and making an effort to get to know your peers and professors.”

What are you looking forward to after graduation: “I am excited to put my education to use and live in a big city.”

What was the most meaningful class you took at BYU? “Student Development 317. The sole purpose of this class was to prepare me for the workforce. I learned how to perfect my resume, apply for jobs, and write a cover letter. It was definitely a class that prepared me for graduation.”

Movie title for your life: “‘Confessions of a Teenage (College) Drama Queen.’ I am a very dramatic but passionate person.”

If you could have a toy designed after you: “A Kate Spade-fidget spinner. I love fashion and I can’t sit still.”

How did your professors impact your education? “In some way or another, every professor I had impacted my education. I am a very hands on student so I feel like I had a lot of interaction with many professors. The professors that impacted my education the most were: Joel Campbell (Journalism), Quint Randle (Journalism), Kevin Kelly (New York Internship), and Christina Johnson (Print Publishing).”

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