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Alumni Feature: Gian Pierotti

Wish Fulfilment is at the Heart of Art-Making for Ceramist Gian Pierotti

After graduating from BYU, Pierotti pursued an MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). As a graduate student, he became an inventor of sorts, making art in response to scenarios he dreamed up. During his first year in VCU’s competitive ceramics program, Pierotti wondered how he could explore the James River using ceramics. Subsequently, he made a large terracotta boat that he floated down the river and docked on an island, where he documented his adventures over several days before leaving the 600-pound craft for another voyager to discover. Pierotti now works full-time at VCU as an academic advisor, where he counsels incoming art freshmen, many of whom are first-generation college students. Read the full story written by Abby Weidmer at