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Alumni's Work Gets High Praise from New York Times

Moonbot Studios has drawn praise for an anti-bully short for The Ad Council’s latest campaign, “I Am a Witness” with three graduates from BYU’s College of Fine Arts and Communications including creative director Jake Wyatt, artist Renee Bates and animator David Wilson. “When The New York Times calls your work 'relevant' and 'adaptive,' you know you're making some savvy career choices,” said Wilson. Already nominated for Best Animated Special Production for the upcoming Annie Awards, the highest award in the animation industry, “I Am a Witness” continues to draw praise. The video, an interactive 2D animated short and the first fully hand-drawn short from the studio, is part of the Ad Council’s new integrated web campaign directed to empower teens. In an article, The New York Times discusses how staying relevant in an overcrowded advertising market is no easy feat for the Ad Council, the first creator of public services announcements in the United States over 70 years ago. The “I Am a Witness” campaign marks a new emphasis to motivate action of significant public issues through digital communication in a social media age. See more at The New York Times