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For artist Linn, drawing is more than a preparatory skill; it is a meditative state of mind and a process of trying to slow down time

Ron Linn is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is primarily rooted in drawing. Early in his art training he considered drawing a preparatory skill — a prelude to something more polished. But in graduate school, Linn came to regard drawing as his home base.

Artist Ron Linn

“In grad school I realized that drawing was an intense act of looking and thinking while I was doing something with my hands,” Linn said. “There’s this connection between my mind, my eyes and my hands. I really enjoyed that connection and began discovering drawing as a means in itself, as a way of connecting to this state of mind.”

Linn seeks to help students in his introductory drawing courses develop this skill of heightened observation that he says will help them improve in whatever they’re doing, whether art or something else.

“Just being able to look at something and see it simply for what it is, and understand it in a new way without just consuming it,” Linn said.

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