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Department Of Design

Student-Designed Video Game Receives International Award, Places BYU in Top Five Worldwide

A Team of BYU Students Worked on the Award-Winning Game as Part of an Animation Program Capstone Project

Liminus: The Silent Guard
Photo by Cameron Unson

A new video game created and produced by BYU students recently received the “Highly Commended” award from the Rookie Awards, an international board that evaluates and ranks top video game design schools around the world. The award earned BYU the number five school in the world for game design and development.

"Liminus: The Silent Guard" is an interactive computer game directed and produced by BYU students Emily Ellis and Gabe Reed. Ellis and Reed collaborated with roughly 50 other students to bring the game to life. They estimate thousands of hours went into the game from concept art, 3D modeling, computer programming, special effects and music.

Both Reed and Ellis credit their professors and say they’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of the animation program at BYU, as well as the opportunity to have real-world experience in a studio-like format — something they feel has already set them up for success after graduation.

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