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Awards and Achievements

CFAC Faculty Honored with University and College Awards

Eight CFAC Faculty Are Awarded University and College Awards During the Annual University Conference 2023

CFAC Dean Ed Adams announces awards
CFAC Dean Ed Adams honors award recipients
Photo by Emma Olson

The College of Fine Arts and Communications would like to recognize the outstanding faculty who have been awarded University and College awards during the annual 2023 University Conference. These eight faculty exemplify the aims and mission of BYU and have worked diligently to uplift students and contribute to campus.


Karl G. Maeser Research and Creative Arts Award – Daniel Everett – Department of Art

The Karl G. Maeser Research and Creative Arts Award recognizes exceptional distinction in research, creative arts or performances. Daniel Everett is an internationally recognized artist whose work reveals how modernist ideals of objectivity, precision and universality collide with the complexity of human life in urban spaces. His art is exhibited at world-class institutions, monographs of his work have been published by influential publishers and his work is in renowned museum collections throughout the world.

BYU Class of 1949 Young Faculty Award – Keely Song Glenn – Department of Dance

The BYU Class of 1949 Young Faculty Award acknowledges the outstanding promise and contributions of junior faculty. As the Artistic Director of BYU’s Contemporary Dance Theatre, Keely Song Glenn has garnered an unprecedented amount of attention for our BYU students from experts within the discipline of dance. Her unique form of scholarship extends the reach of dance into other disciplines and populations. Her love for mankind and the environment is evident in the works that she creates. Song embodies the aims of a BYU education as she models the characteristics of a lifelong learner.

Randall L. Morgan Teaching and Learning Fellowship – Jaren Hinckley – School of Music

The Randall L. Morgan Teaching and Learning Fellowship recognizes faculty achievement and supports continued efforts to improve teaching and learning. Jaren Hinckley exhibits outstanding teaching not just in his clarinet studio, but also through 23 years of teaching the Music 101 GE course. He has directed multiple GE study abroad programs that allow him to share his love of music, art, architecture and culture with students from the School of Music and across the university.

Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Excellence Award – Sam Nielson – Department of Design

The Karl G. Maeser Professional Faculty Excellence Award recognizes outstanding achievement in professional faculty teaching responsibilities, citizenship and professional service. Sam Nielson is an active concept artist and illustrator whose diverse experience has given him an in-depth view of creativity and artistic storytelling. His 20+ years of work in the animation industry have included game, film and television work. He has presented for international conferences and workshops and his work has been widely published.


Excellence in Teaching Award – Benjamin Thevenin – Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Benjamin Thevenin is a gifted instructor who is not only successful in the classroom but is also an exceptional student mentor who has created an innovative range of experiential learning activities for his students. He has a remarkable talent for creating an open, welcoming, challenging and uplifting classroom environment where his gospel-centered teaching engages students in their own learning.

Excellence in Scholarship/Creative Work Award – Shayla Bott – Department of Dance

Shayla Bott is a rare and exceptional ballet scholar who generously contributes her knowledge and expertise to advance the field of dance at BYU, nationally and internationally. Her teaching and creative work informs her research, which in turn informs her teaching and other artistic endeavors. Bott leads out as a creative scholar who sees her creative efforts primarily as a means to strengthen students by providing a culture that nurtures excellence.

Excellence in Citizenship Award – Luke Howard – School of Music

Luke Howard is a first-rate citizen in the School of Music and across the university. From being the Associate Director of the School of Music, to participating in the GE Learning Academy, to judging the First-Year Experience Creative Contest, Howard is willing to contribute wherever he is needed and can make a difference. He is an extremely valued colleague in the School of Music and the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

Excellence in Mentoring Award – Fidalis Buehler – Department of Art

Fidalis Buehler’s unwavering dedication to student success is a defining feature of his time at BYU. His proactive approach to student mentoring has generated a significant range of opportunities for students that have led to numerous enriching experiences. Buehler truly embodies the values of our institution.