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Leadership Changes and Reappointments in the College of Fine Arts and Communications

Effective Summer 2024: Collin Bradford to Succeed Joe Ostraff as Department of Art Academic Chair; TMA and Communications Leadership Reappointments

Ed Adams, dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications, issued a statement on leadership updates to three academic areas in the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

Adams announced the appointment of a new chair for the Department of Art and the reappointments of Mark Callister as director of the School of Communications and Megan Sanborn Jones as chair of the Department of Theatre & Media Arts.

Collin Bradford will replace Joe Ostraff as chair for the Department of Art effective June 1, 2024. Ostraff will retire in August after serving as department chair for four years and teaching at BYU for over 30 years. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his excellent work as chair these last four years,” said Dean Adams. “His ability to hear and unite faculty, staff and students and his energy in making change happen have been a blessing to all who have had the opportunity to work with him.”

"This is an exciting time for the Department of Art,” Ostraff said as he reflected on his time as chair and his hopes for the department moving forward. “As we gear up for the fall, we are thrilled to welcome three new members to our team along with our new chair. These additions are the culmination of years of preparation and development. Each new member will contribute in amazing ways to an already cohesive group of dedicated educators and artists."

Bradford received an MFA from the University of Illinois in 2008 and taught at Grand Valley State University before coming to BYU in 2016. His work with video, sound, photography, sculpture and other media has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in traditional art spaces as well as film and video festivals.

In anticipation of this appointment, the dean commented, “Bradford’s years of experience as associate chair, along with a strong grasp of the future of the department, will provide continuity in leadership in the Department of Art. We are especially grateful for his unsurpassed expertise in all things related to the new Arts Building. Bradford’s excellent organization skills, intelligence and collegiality will serve him well in providing outstanding leadership in the coming years.”

Callister began teaching at BYU in 2005 and has served as chair since 2021. He earned a PhD in communication with emphases in theories of persuasion and marketing communications at the University of Arizona. “Callister serves the School of Communications, its students and BYU with a deep sense of duty and love,” said Dean Adams. “Under his guidance there is a new aesthetic and spirit within the School and an increased unity and collegiality among faculty and staff. His vision has led to increased efficiency and a better use of all School resources in serving Communications students.”

Jones joined the TMA faculty in 2004 and has served as chair since 2021. She received a PhD in theatre historiography from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. “Jones has led the TMA department through many changes and is well-placed to continue with the changes ahead as we look forward to the move to the new Arts Building,” said the dean. “She has worked to create a sense of community in the department and has made difficult decisions in reallocating resources in order to better serve students. She cares deeply about all faculty, staff and students. We feel confident she will continue to be the leader TMA needs at this time.”