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Singing With Stars: BYU Vocal Point’s ‘Magic: Disney Through Time’ Album Hits Billboard Charts Two Weeks After Release

Vocal Point’s Album Reached Third on Billboard’s Classical Crossover Chart With the Help of Several Famous Voices

Vocal Point
Photo by Nate Edwards

BYU Vocal Point gained new fans earlier this year with their music video “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” featuring Adassa and One Voice Children’s Choir, and amassing over 16 million views to date. This number is featured on their newest album, “Magic: Disney Through Time.” Featuring 11 songs from Disney movies of the 1940s, 2010s and any decade in between, Vocal Point’s new album represents all ages of Disney music.

While their “Encanto” song cover remains one of their most famous, Vocal Point released five additional music videos within the past year and a half that are featured on the album. These videos feature famous singers and groups such as Laura Osnes, an American actress and Broadway performer, and Nashville Christian vocal group Anthem Lights.

In late September, the group released their music video for “Remember Me” from “Coco." This heartfelt song takes on a new meaning of remembrance with the addition of Yaphet Bustos. As a former member of Vocal Point, Bustos coming back to the group to sing “Remember Me” is especially impactful.

VP Billboard Charts
Vocal Point reaches third on Billboard charts.

Ben Fales, general manager and executive producer for BYU Music Group, believes that these new music videos, in addition to the album’s audio streams on different music platforms, propelled the album to number three on Billboard’s Classical Crossover chart. Fales reported that over 60% of recent viewers of their YouTube videos come from outside of the United States, showcasing Vocal Point’s global outreach.

McKay Crockett, the director for BYU Vocal Point, expressed his excitement and pride at Vocal Point’s astounding achievement.

“Combining the nostalgia of Disney music with the energy of the Vocal Point guys, this album was destined to be a favorite,” Crockett said. “When I saw that the album charted on Billboard, it made me so proud of our guys and the hard work each of them has put into making this album successful.”

Although reaching a Billboard chart is an impressive accomplishment, Vocal Point finds more joy in knowing their album was being heard by so many people.

“I think the album will bring a lot of joy and happiness into people’s lives, which is something we really need in the world right now,” Fales said.

“While there is prestige about it all,” Crockett admitted, “charting means people are enjoying what we are creating. For me and the group, that’s really what it’s all about.”