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The Legacy of the Harris Fine Arts Center: How It Began and How It Lives On

hfac ball

The fine arts can be found in every corner of Brigham Young University. Hymns precede the weekly devotionals. Sporting events are filled with fans singing the Cougar Fight Song after every BYU touchdown. Art lines the halls of campus buildings. While the fine arts can be found everywhere on the BYU grounds, the Harris Fine Arts Center has served as the heart for fine arts for more than half a century. ...

Programs have come and gone from the building over the past 57 years. At the beginning of its life the building housed not only the fine arts classes, but also speech, audiology, communications and KBYU. Throughout the years those programs moved on to other buildings, while other programs such as media arts, design and animation were added. Design has since become the largest program in the building. …

“I think that the Harris Fine Arts Center has been truly a center of not only art but also of light on campus, and it’s something that we will carry for certain to the new building in the School of Music,” [School of Music assistant director Mark] Ammons said.

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