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Department of Art

Student Curatorial Team Joins Professor to Put On Show at Prestigious LA Arts Fair

Students Malachi Wilson and Janessa Lewis Joined Forces With Faculty Member Christopher Lynn to Display Art by Nancy Rivera and BYU Alum Jacob Haupt


After much deliberation, the team of Lynn, Wilson, and Lewis curated a selection of works from artists Nancy Rivera and BYU alum Jacob Haupt (BFA 2017). Rivera’s work features still life photographs of artificial flower arrangements, while Haupt creates bright snapshots of figures costumed as monsters and demons. While the subject matter of the respective artists seems quite disparate, the team found ways to connect the dots….

SPRING/BREAK presented many challenges for the team of Lynn, Lewis, and Wilson. From the outset, they were up against the competitive application process, tight timelines, an installation overhaul, and high-stakes mingling in a foreign environment. Having taken all these in stride, the team exceeded expectations and were able to produce a professional-level exhibition. …

It was also an opportunity for Wilson and Lewis to mingle with serious professionals in the field, and to be treated as their peers:“It was really empowering,” Wilson says of the experience, “Not only to be a part of our project itself, but also in that competitive community of projects, to be treated as equals with all of those projects.”

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