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Brain Tumor Doesn't Stop BYU Grad From Dancing and Giving Back

BYU Graduate and Brain Tumor Survivor Logan Barnes Continues to Compete in National and International Dance Championships

Logan Barnes.jpeg
Joey Garrison/BYU

Just over a month ago BYU senior Logan Barnes won the title of National Cabaret Champion at the National DanceSport Championships.

Next stop: he will soon be competing in the International Blackpool Championships with the BYU Ballroom Touring Company, where he has danced for the past three years.

Logan Barnes 2.jpeg
Joey Garrison/BYU

While Barnes appears to be at the top of his game now, he came very close to missing out on dance, school and life just a few years ago.

After multiple MRIs, the doctors found a tumor on the front right side of Barnes’s brain. In June, he went in for brain surgery. At the same time he was experiencing significant pain just from walking so he also had major surgery on his hip.

Miraculously though, he was able to heal very quickly, and during fall semester the doctors gave him permission to begin dancing again.

Barnes said that he has seen the four aims of a BYU Education as a critical part of his experience as a student. The mentors he has had at BYU and his unique experiences have helped him appreciate the people around him and want to give back in any way he can.

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