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Department Of Dance

BYU’s Contemporary Dance in Concert Will Feature Guest Artists, Musical Collaboration and Aerial Dance

The Dance Concert Will Be the First of its Kind and Will Showcase Faculty Research, Mentored Student Projects and Innovative Themes

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For fans of contemporary dance, BYU’s Contemporary Dance in Concert is an event you won’t want to miss. On Feb. 16-18, dancers will perform new works exploring many aspects of the field. This will be a chance to experience artists who are not featured in other contemporary performances, including freshmen, faculty and alumni.

The Contemporary Dance Area is excited to add Contemporary Dance in Concert to their regular season for the first time this semester,” said Kate Monson, artistic director. “This concert is an opportunity for the prolific contemporary area to come together and celebrate what has been done as an area in the past year.”

Dancers from all three contemporary performing ensembles, Contemporary Dance Theatre, DancEnsemble and Kinnect, will perform in the same event for the first time.

The ensembles will show viewers how they collaborate while pursuing unique goals and ideas. DancEnsemble, whose mission is to “mentor and produce student-choreographed work,” according to Monson, will perform a work choreographed by student Emily Hart. The ensembles will also perform a work featuring collaboration between musician Nate Anderson and the dancers, who will create the musical score as they perform.

In addition to ensembles’ work, the concert will showcase faculty research and expertise. Professor Adam Dyer and student Steven Bangerter will “explore the role of aerial work in concert dance,” said Monson. Professor Marin Roper and student Baylee Dowdle will present a solo based on Roper’s research into the “intersectionality of religions and movement,” Monson said. And Monson herself, who researches the roles and representation of older dancers, will present a cast featuring a mix of student performers and dancers over 50 years of age.

The repertoire will extend beyond student performers and faculty work with a piece that features a group of freshman dancers, a capstone work by a senior in Dance Education and “Genesis,” a work by Professor Roper featuring 20 contemporary dance alumni.

Monson urged people to attend the performance, saying, “It will be an incredible night of stylistic variety and kinesthetic celebration.”

Show Details

Performance Dates and Times: Feb. 16-18: 7:30 p.m. | Feb. 18: 2:00 p.m.

Location: Richards Building Dance Studio Theatre

Price: $13

Tickets: Available in person at the Marriott Center ticket office, by phone at (801)-422-2981 or online