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Build Relationships and Collaborate: Design Grad Linda Hsiung Offers Advice For BYU Students

Graduating Senior Linda Hsiung Answers Questions about Her Time at BYU

Photo by Emma Olson, CFAC External Relations

Q: How has your BYU education prepared you for the future?

Hsiung: BYU does a really good job at providing a well-rounded education and has helped me meet a lot of people through networking opportunities. I really like that BYU provides the opportunity to meet alumni and professionals in the industry so I can get advice from working professionals and see what it might be like to have a career in my field.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

Hsiung: Immediately after graduation, I have a summer internship in Seattle for a commercial and editorial photographer. My goal is to work freelance as an editorial or commercial photographer in a big city someday.

Q: Which professor inspired you the most and why?

Hsiung: I’ve had really good mentors during my time at BYU. Because the photography program is so small, I’ve been able to work closely with all of my professors. Paul Adams has been a good mentor to me and has helped me be prepared for post-grad life. He is always willing to talk with me about my future and help me with projects.

Q: How have you found belonging during your time at BYU?

Hsiung: I think meeting like-minded people and being in the Global Women’s Studies (GWS) minor has helped me a lot. In Provo, Utah, the culture is pretty homogenous but having professors and classmates who are supportive has made all the difference.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to current students?

Hsiung: What I wish I knew earlier was to make and build as many relationships as possible. Get to know your professors outside of the classroom; meet anyone who visits BYU; collaborate with other people in and out of your major. I wish I had started doing that earlier. You can take those relationships with you after you graduate.

Q: What was your most inspiring experience at BYU?

Hsiung: I went on a GWS study abroad program during my time at BYU. It was an eye opening experience for me to meet other people studying GWS and to learn about the global state of women’s and human rights. The experience taught me the importance of fighting for human rights and made me realize that not everyone has the same opportunities that I do. It helped me focus on what I want to do as a human, which is to help other people get those same opportunities and rights.

Q: What drew you to photography?

Hsiung: It all started in high school when my parents and I moved from California to China. I had a hard time being there and making friends because it was so different. My dad got me a camera and said, “Go, have fun.” I joined my school photography club, which helped me get to know people, get to know the city and build a connection with my new home. What draws me to photography is the ability it gives me to connect with people and places. As I’m photographing different subjects and places, I build a relationship with them rather than simply being there.

Q: What do you feel is your unique contribution to the photography industry?

Hsiung: Even if two people experience the same thing, they will have different approaches or different perspectives. As an Asian American woman, I hope to use my art to inspire others and create work that explores cultural identity and the broader female experience. I hope to inspire other women and artists of color.