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Graphic Design Student Elianna Bori on Her Transformative Experience in New York

Bori Was Inspired By Experiential Learning Opportunities During the Annual Graphic Design New York Trip

Photo: Elianna Bori and her graphic design cohort holding artwork
Elianna Bori and Her Graphic Design Cohort in New York City
Photo by Photo Courtesy of Elianna Bori

In April 2024, my graphic design cohort had the opportunity to go to New York. We visited design studios and agencies, met with talented people in our field and interviewed for internships. The week we spent in New York was the highlight of my winter semester.

During our trip, we improved our communication skills by networking and interviewing with professionals. One of the things I appreciated most about our trip was seeing what opportunities are available in the professional world of graphic design. I met people who all did something unique in the graphic design field. This exposure helped me decide what I want to do after graduation, something I would not have realized if it weren’t for this experience.

Photo: Elianna Bori and her graphic design cohort on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
Elianna Bori and Her Graphic Design Cohort at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
Photo Courtesy of Marie Heder

Our time spent in New York gave me needed motivation and inspired me in my projects. I had been working on a packaging design for one of my classes before the trip. I felt very stuck and hadn’t quite found the right design yet. The museums, design stores and other things we saw walking around the city gave me the inspiration I needed to finish my project successfully. Immersion in a city filled with so much richness and diversity helped me see beyond myself. By taking in what other people had to offer, I could create better work.

While in New York, I fostered connections with the company I will be interning for during the summer. My internship is based in New York, but I will be working remotely. When I initially secured the internship, I was a little sad that I would not have the opportunity to meet the people there and visit the office in person. Thankfully, I was able to set up a meeting with one of my future team members and got a tour of the office during our trip. Getting to experience the office made me excited to start my internship; I know I will learn from the experienced people there.