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Galleries of BYU: December Art and Design Shows Around Campus

Visit This Month’s Exhibitions in the Weight Room, MOA and 1313 Galleries

This month features brand-new exhibitions and shows across campus from the Weight Room Gallery to the MOA to Gallery 1313. Watch out for the ongoing MOA displays and don’t miss the new featured student and faculty artwork from the Art and Design departments. Walk through West Campus this December to see dozens of student pieces on display throughout the building.

Student Saskia Hunter's Photograph Featured in Junior Photography Portfolio Show in Gallery 1313. Photo by Saskia Hunter

Art: Open Studios | December 14

Peek into the studios and daily artmaking lives of BYU students across campus on December 14. In the BFA and MFA studios in the JKB and B66, students set up their spaces with their work. In the Art Open Workspace (WCCB 2010), BA students share their individual artworks. The Department of Art’s installation class is taking over unutilized and overlooked spaces in West Campus — empty display cases or little doors to nowhere — to make site-specific art installations. Come see artworks created by over 50 students all over campus.

Art: Weight Room Gallery

Meteor Girl | Open through Jan 7, 2024

Sarah Gashler's capstone exhibition showcases many large-scale paintings and a single rack of clothing, which creates a feeling of distance and longing for connection. Gashler deals with themes related to the discomfort found in perception, the realization that identity within community is worth pursuing and her duty toward the preservation of autobiographical artifacts.

Heart-Searching | Open through January 9, 2024

This exhibition by BYU’s Issues in Contemporary Art Class features artwork by 13 students specializing in a wide range of academic subjects, from psychology and public relations to linguistics and more. The exhibition serves as a collective exploration of the soul’s landscape and as an invitation to navigate the difficult paths of self awareness and vulnerability. The artists encourage a collective exploration of the intricacies of the heart.

Heart-Searching Art Exhibition in the Weight Room. Photo Courtesy Tara Carpenter Estrada

B-66 Annual Art Exhibition | Open through January 10, 2024

Each year, the Department of Art holds a year-end exhibition based on work from the artists in Building 66. The tradition evolved from a ceramics exhibition to include a variety of disciplines practiced in the unique art community on the east end of campus. This year's exhibition will show work from faculty, staff and students who work and create together in a building whose very smell elicits expression and nostalgia.

Student Mia Watson's Photograph Featured in Junior Photography Portfolio Show in Gallery 1313. Photo by Mia Watson

Design: Gallery 1313

Junior Photography Students’ Portfolio Show | Open through January 10, 2024

Each year, the Photography program showcases student work from the junior portfolio class. The show puts ten students’ best work on display in this annual class exhibition. Each student presents examples from their semester-long personal photographic projects, ranging from cookbook-ready fusion food to explorations of student life on BYU campus. The show will have an opening on Tuesday, Dec. 12th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Museum of Art Galleries

Primal Forces: Earth | Open through December 28

Featuring pieces from Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc., each quilt in this exhibition stitches together a story of the nurturing and destructive powers of the earth, showing that “all life on this planet depends on earth but the very soil that nurtures growth can just as easily destroy.”

Joseph Paul Vorst (1897-1947), Family on Horse Drawn Cart, no date, oil on board, 32 ¼ x 32 ¼ inches. Brigham Young University Museum of Art, purchased with funds provided by Joyce and George Hill, 2020.

LIFE: Six Women Photographers | Open through February 3

Follow the careers of six female LIFE photographers as they capture stories through the 1930s to the 1970s, unveiling political and social dynamics from a time that has shaped the American experience. This exhibition features the works of Margaret Bourke-White, Hansel Mieth, Marie Hansen, Nina Leen, Martha Holmes and Lisa Larsen.

Of Souls and Sacraments: Symbol and Context in Christian Art | Open through July 13, 2024

Explore religious ideas through works from the 14th century to the present in the perspectives, styles and media on display in this exhibition. Old and contemporary artists such as Jusepe de Ribera, Anthony van Dyck, Benjamin West, Jorge Cocco Santangelo, Kirk Richards and Lisa DeLong witness the power of visual imagery in religious life through their work.

From the Vault: American Highlights and Recent Acquisitions | Open through September 7, 2024

This exhibition houses eighteen audience favorites from the Museum’s American collection including works by Minerva Teichert, Norman Rockwell, John Singer Sargent, Dorothy Weir Young, Mahonri Young and Daniel Ridgeway Knight.