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Galleries of BYU: Must-See March Galleries Around Campus

Visit This Month’s Exhibitions in the Weight Room, MOA and 1313 Galleries

Spring into a new month with new galleries opening in the Weight Room Gallery, Gallery 1313 and the Museum of Art. As we march closer to the end of the semester, come support art and design students as they display their work. Shows this month include multiple BFA capstone exhibitions. Be sure to check out the Museum of Art, with two new exhibitions opening in March.

From "Another Yesterday"
Photo by Clara-Beth Hamill

Department of Art: Weight Room Gallery
Another Yesterday | Open through March 6, 2024
Clara-Beth Hamill’s exhibition, “Another Yesterday,” highlights her belief that experiences and feelings are not unique. By learning more about herself and her environment, she learned more about the strangers surrounding her. As a conceptual artist, Hamill works in a variety of mediums including video, performance, photography and sculpture. Her quizzical and sincere work highlights the little commonalities we share with each other; more specifically her art explores themes of truth, value, choice and time.

Intersections | Open through March 8, 2024
Art quilts are an intersection of visual arts and functional craft, serving as vessels for stories, histories and personal expression. This display, featuring two quilts designed and made by students Anne Flynn and Payden Mouritsen, explores this multifaceted medium. The two art quilts contain the organic imprint from cyanotypes and are composed of layered fabrics stitched together. The unpredictable nature of cyanotypes introduces an element of spontaneity and contrast, intertwining with the meticulous craft of quilting to create a dynamic and captivating final piece.

From "From “Sometimes I turn to face who I was. We do not know each other.” by Cidney Winterton
Photo by Rory Hill

Sometimes I turn to face who I was. We do not know each other. | Open through March 11, 2024
Student Cidney Winterton explores the depersonalization of self in her exhibition. Inspired by her memories, Winterton shares her personal journey through her past experiences as she reconstructs memories of her childhood and shows how these memories may decay and be altered through time. By continuously iterating through the process of memory decay in her art, Winterton hopes to be able to piece together threads of continuity between the different versions of her past self and who she is today.

I can’t stop thinking about what I don’t know | Open through March 11, 2024
Student Brenna Cooper takes pictures in the moments when she feels challenged as an attempt to hold onto the feeling that comes from the unexpected. For this exhibition, Cooper took photographs of scenes from my everyday settings and experimented with different methods of translating the photographs by using light boxes, paper, and printmaking processes to reveal or obscure information. These transformations mimic ways that information is perceived and how previous understandings can be challenged to lead to gaining new knowledge and personal experience.

Abandoned Memories | Open through March 11, 2024
Explore the impact that memories have in building our identity with “Abandoned Memories” by Jenna Wilson. The pieces in this exhibition were created using glue to build layers of construction paper, and other materials commonly found in children’s classrooms, which were then sanded away with a power sander. Following this process, Wilson added photo transfers and ball point pen drawings which were also sanded away in a cycle of creating and sanding. The pieces created and erased are reminiscent of memories. Memories often change, deteriorate and are unreliable; however, Wilson’s art demonstrates that this process does not make our memories any less meaningful.

From “Precious Inclusions // Precious Intrusions”
Photo by Amber Wilkin

Precious Inclusions // Precious Intrusions | Open March 15-29, 2024
Amber Wilkin's BFA show, "Precious Inclusions // Precious Intrusions" explores the understanding of self and the perception of one's surroundings through the lens of natural elements. Wilkin uses painting and sculpture to embed the lessons learned from her own experiences and interactions with the environment into her work. This exhibition encourages viewers to draw their own conclusions about the lessons nature unveils about oneself. There will be an opening reception on March 15th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Quinn Wride’s Thesis Show | Open March 15-April 1, 2024
In society, people often label others around them based on their outward appearance and make assumptions about them based on stereotypes. Quinn Wride utilizes stereotypes in his work by combining them with unexpected elements or environments to show complexity instead of assumed simplicity. Wride creates paintings that allow more time to engage with someone that, if seen in passing, might be labeled in a particular manner. The combinations in his paintings are an attempt at humanization that Wride hopes may help viewers begin to realize that the people we judge based on assumptions have lives just as complex as our own.

& i tell my students: it's hard to make art while you're hiding | Open March 19-28, 2024
This exhibition by visiting artist and BYU alum Alisha Anderson dives deep into finding belonging to both oneself and community. This exhibition will be on display beginning March 19 and will run until March 28.

From "Stellaris"
Photo by Lindsey Tippetts

Department of Design: Gallery 1313
Stellaris | Open through March 8-20, 2024
“Stellaris” is a series of photographs by design student Lindsey Tippetts that attempts to illustrate and personify a number of classical Greek and Roman myths associated with constellations and planets. Finding inspiration in the history of storytelling and imagination, Tippetts hopes for viewers to see the beauty in these celestial bodies and feel a connection to the stories that have been passed down through generations. The show reception will be held Friday, March 8th, at 6:30 p.m. and will run through March 20th.

Cat on the Block: A Love Letter to Provo | Open March 8-20, 2024
“Cat on the Block: A Love Letter to Provo” is a deep-dive into the personal and community work championed by artist and student Isabella Olson, a graduating senior majoring in interdisciplinary design studies. In the five years of living in Provo since she began attending BYU, Olson has been at the heart of community involvement. This show aims to shed light on Olson’s methodology of experimental personal branding by way of anonymous sticker-bombing with her “Cat Self Portrait.” The show reception will be held Friday, March 8th, at 7 p.m. and will run through March 20th.

Photo by Isabella Olson

Museum of Art Galleries
Spain and the Hispanic World | Open through June 15, 2024
The MOA invites all on a pilgrimage through 4,000 years of art history. From prehistoric Iberian earthenware to medieval manuscripts, there are more than 150 pieces in the show that display the glory of Spain and the Hispanic World.

Of Souls and Sacraments: Symbol and Context in Christian Art | Open through July 13, 2024
Explore religious ideas through works from the 14th century to the present in the perspectives, styles and media on display in this exhibition. Old and contemporary artists such as Jusepe de Ribera, Anthony van Dyck, Benjamin West, Jorge Cocco Santangelo, Kirk Richards and Lisa DeLong witness the power of visual imagery in religious life through their work.

From the Vault: American Highlights and Recent Acquisitions | Open through September 7, 2024
This exhibition houses eighteen audience favorites from the museum’s American collection including works by Minerva Teichert, Norman Rockwell, John Singer Sargent, Dorothy Weir Young, Mahonri Young and Daniel Ridgeway Knight.

Reconciliation: Biblical Imagination in German Expressionist Prints | Open through October 19, 2024
Explore a period of religious, philosophical and artistic transition through the expressionist artwork of 20th-century German artists. “Reconciled: Biblical Imagination in German Expressionist Prints” brings viewers art by renowned artists Max Beckmann, Lovis Corinth, Kathë Kollwitz, Otto Dix, Christian Rohlfs, Karl Schmidt-Rottloff, Vassily Kandinsky and Edvard Munch, who found meaning in and bared their souls through biblical themes and narratives as they endured the conflict of early 20th-century Germany.

Counterpoint | Open through December 7, 2024
Step back in time to explore pop, op and beyond through this explosion of art and culture from the 1960s to 1980s. “Counterpoint” features prints, sculpture, comics, photography, rugs and paintings from the MOA collection by over twenty artists, including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Edna Andrade, Benny Andrews, Helen Gerardia, Dorothy Grebenak, Jann Haworth, Robert Indiana, Reinhard Kraft and Ed Ruscha.