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West Campus Art Galleries: October 6-October 26


Kira Jo Baldwin

Every art project has old drafts, scraps and discarded pieces left behind as the final version emerges. Artist Kira Jo Baldwin has taken to calling these things “leftovers,” and they often make up a significant portion of her own artistic works. Baldwin hopes that those who see her exhibition will contemplate the “leftovers” in their own life and what they can create with those things. can be created with those things.

To see more of the artist’s work, please follow KJB Portraits & Commissions on Facebook and @kjb_portraitsandcommissions on Instagram.

October 7 – October 25 | West Campus, The Weight Room


Liza Trépanier, Anika Aldredge, Brenna Cooper, Sarah Gashler and Malachi Wilson

Art is a very personal experience, and people often interact with it in the public space of a gallery. The pieces in this exhibition play on that concept by depicting intimate personal thoughts and experiences while being displayed in a public space. The artists hope that those who attend the exhibition will consider what they keep private in their own lives and reflect on their shared humanity with others who share their private experiences.

To see more of the artists’ work, please follow @lizatrepanier, @art.sarahgashler and @malachiwilsonart on Instagram.

October 10 – October 26 | West Campus, The Weight Room

The After Hours

Samantha Snyder

Art often finds itself depicting feelings and experiences between the material and the imaginary, and such is the case with this exhibition by art student Samantha Snyder. Of the work in this show, Snyder said, “I’m fascinated with how our imagination naturally finds a way to fill in the gaps. The disjointed condition of the figures, objects and forms in my work takes us to an alternative universe, yet one that is uncomfortably close to our own.”

To see more of the artist’s work, follow @samanthasnyderart on Instagram.

October 10 – October 21 | West Campus, The Weight Room