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West Campus Student Galleries: October 15 - November 15

Sophie Baddley, Jane Coates, Lindsey Duncan, Maddy Elder, Mary Fotheringham, Hannah Hales, Gunnar Harrison, Sophie Houghton, Ashley Johnson, Matt Kaiser, Chloe Keenan, Calvin Keller, Ashlyn Lasson, Ben Law, Gracia Lee, Mary Martin, Sarah Kay Miller, Kelvin Moura, Natalie Nash, Isabella Olson, Brookelle Petersen, Brittney Porter, Kambria Porter, Adam Rallison, Hattie Roney, Mary Thompson, Lindsey Tippets, Bram Linkowski, Willa Wimmer, Anna Wright and Oakley Workman

This show features work from all over the Department of Design. This eclectic exhibition celebrates the best in student motion design of the past five years. Visitors can hope to see stop-motion skeletons, surreal opening titles, eye-popping GIFs and animated graphic novel pages in a screen-filled smorgasbord for the retinas. Each piece highlights the diligence and talent of the students who made them as well as the richness of motion design as a discipline.

October 15 – November 16 | West Campus, 1313 (Room 1313)

In Memory of
Cidney Winterton

"In Memory of" explores the deconstruction of identity and memory between the versions of the artist across time. The exhibition uses family photos, home videos and other records of the artist’s life as a lens through which to determine identity. Exhibition artist Cidney Winterton hopes that those who come to see the exhibition will reflect on the different versions of themselves that they can find scattered throughout their lives.

October 31 – November 12 | West Campus, The Weight Room (Room 2470)

John Somppi

This exhibition was created using a repeating system of shifts in color and shape, repeating similar images over and over again to create a series of pieces. The artist finds himself drawn to abstract pieces focusing on color theory, process systems and personal history. He hopes to explore the emotional reaction viewers may have to pieces created through a non-emotional system of “shift and repeat” through this carefully curated exhibition.

November 1 – November 14 | West Campus, The Weight Room (Room 2470)

The Deeper the Roots
Kyeisha Selway

This exhibition explores the experiences of women of color in Utah — specifically those who are Black, Asian, Black-mixed and Asian-mixed — and to elevate their voices. The hope of the artist, Kyeisha Selway, is that the portraits and written experiences of the subjects will help bring people together. Selway, who herself has Thai and Jamaican heritage, said of the exhibition, “I would like for it to inspire hope and connection for Black and Asian women, as well as for all people of color.”

November 9 – November 15 | West Campus, The Weight Room (Room 2470)