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School Of Communications

Devotional: Jesus Christ, the Greatest Influence in Your Life

Pamela Brubaker, Professor and School of Communications Associate Director For Graduate Studies Delivered July Devotional Address

Photo by Joey Garrison/BYU

“When my parents told me to follow the prophet, do you think they fathomed the day when I would interpret that to mean follow the prophet’s social media account?” asked Pamela Jo Brubaker during her Tuesday morning devotional address.

Brubaker, an associate professor in the School of Communications, is familiar with the one-sided relationship often formed with celebrities and social media influencers. It is natural for individuals to look outside themselves for someone to emulate and relate to.

However, turning to celebrities, athletes and social media stars can be disappointing, Brubaker added, as they will never offer the love and comfort that Jesus Christ can provide.

“Jesus Christ is the most important influencer to have ever lived. He is the most important influencer you can subscribe to.”

Learning to make Christ the center of our lives is possible but requires much more than just expressing casual interest or clicking a "Follow" button, said Brubaker. It involves keeping His commandments and loving others as He loves them.

“Today, more than ever, Jesus Christ needs you to come and #FollowHim. He needs you to transform toxicity into tranquility and pandemonium into peace. He needs you to change the world one kind act at a time.”

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