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School of Music

BYU Unveils New State-of-The-Art Music Building

A Noteworthy Success: Take A Look Inside The New Music Building

BYU’s new Music Building is all about sound. During evening performances in the Concert and Recital Halls, cellists hit soulful crescendos and clarinetists hum resonant tones. In practice and rehearsal rooms during the school day, vocalists drill opera passages and jazz bands gather to experiment with rhythmic jams.

Edward E. Adams (MA ’91), dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications, recalls visiting with an acoustical consultant in 2016 in preparation for designing a new building. As the two attended performances in the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC) night after night, Adams asked the acoustician for an opinion. “Your faculty are outstanding, and your students are exceptional,” the consultant told him. “If you had even adequate facilities, you could be the best in the world.”

So in 2020 the School of Music set out to create state-of-the-art performance and practice spaces where student musicians could truly shine. Drawing upon input from architects and acousticians, “every possible . . . consideration for acoustic detail has been given to make sure that the acoustics were first and foremost in everything,” says J. Mark Ammons (BMu ’85), assistant director of the School of Music.

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BYU's New Music Building. Photo Courtesy Y Magazine.