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Pathway to Provo: How Musician Ariana Abadia Found Peace and Purpose at BYU

Vocal Performance Major from Ecuador on Belonging and the Arts

Before coming to BYU, Ariana Abadia completed an undergraduate degree in music education in Ecuador and sang for the Ecuadorian Sucre National Theatre. Moving to Provo and studying at BYU was not on her radar until her father came home one day and said he had enrolled them both in BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

After completing the BYU-Pathway program, Abadia felt prompted to stay in Provo and pursue a graduate degree in music through BYU. She worked relentlessly, honing her musical skills and practicing English. Her hard work paid off and she was accepted into the program. Adjusting to the music program was difficult, but Abadia says she felt love and support from her professors and people in her Spanish-speaking ward.

After graduation, Abadia plans to return to Ecuador and use her degree to shape the country’s music curriculum and change how the arts are viewed in Ecuador. She has hopes of starting a school where students can study voice, orchestra and dance.

For now, Abadia will continue her studies at BYU. “This university has given me so much and I want to show that same love and effort to everything I do. I know I belong here now.”

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Ariana Abadia
Ariana Abadia
Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo