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Noah Ostergar

Going into film wasn't originally part of Noah Ostergar's plans at BYU, but after roadblocks of feeling included in the greater campus community, he found a home in the @byutma department. Ostegar reflects on his time as a media arts student and the work behind his short film "Molly."

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"Even though it is imperfect and unpolished, it was my first film project I saw from start to finish. Script, storyboard, wardrobe, camerawork, editing, all of it. It was so satisfying to see it come to life from ideation to final cut," said Ostergar. "It not only represents the work that went into the project itself but the work that it took for me to explore and find my passions and get into the program."

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"The many programs and individuals that are working towards inclusion and openness on campus have influenced me to improve in my individual endeavors to be receptive and open," he said. "I'm a rookie in every way, especially compared to my peers in the program, but I have felt so loved and welcomed."

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