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Savannah Porter

Savannah Porter is @byumusic student and Soprano Section leader of @byusingers. During her time at BYU, Porter has cultivated an impressive list of accomplishments, including the recent "Singer of the Year" title from the BYU's Young Artist Competition. For Porter, it all stems from her passion, hard work, and determination.

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"Being an artist is extremely important to me," said Porter. "Ever since I was a child I have not only always had a passion for music and creating, but I have found my purpose in it. Music and artistry are a major part of my identity and my soul. Creativity is what charges me, what gets me through."

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"BYU has taught me a lot of lessons. But one of the most prominent and important from my time here has got to be the importance of picking yourself back up when you get knocked down. College classes, performing, dating, career planning, everything that goes into this time in our lives can cause so much pressure, and rejection in any one of these categories is painful. But we can get back up. BYU has shown me my potential, and I'm not going to be the only one holding myself back."
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