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Awards and Achievements

Department of Design Recognizes Tremendous Student Achievements

By Colin Wylie

Each winter semester, the BYU Department of Design recognizes the achievements of students and faculty. Through the generous support of donors and offices in the university, students can receive scholarships for their education. The application process includes a portfolio review, where students can submit their best work. During the awards night, Department of Design Chair Eric Gillett shared some brief thoughts regarding the students’ accomplishments. “Don’t let a day pass without expressing gratitude to someone in your life that makes sacrifices so you can pursue your dreams,” said Gillett. “It might be a loved one, a faculty member or a donor.” In addition to the established awards and the Annual Student Show, the department introduced its newest scholarship — the Charles and Shauna Wheatley Endowed Fund. This scholarship benefits students and faculty in the Department of Design by funding experiential learning opportunities such as conferences, workshops, scholarships, research support, projects and internships. One student from each area and one faculty member were selected as the recipients of the Charles and Shauna Wheatley Endowed Fund this year. Recipients of the awards are named below. Animation Thad Carlile is the head of the animation team on this year’s senior film. A new father, Carlile is often seen in the studio with his young daughter strapped to his side while he works. He has demonstrated tremendous leadership as he works toward graduation. Graphic Design Laura McNeil has worked hard this year in developing her portfolio and improving her talents. Her work has paid off — this summer she will intern at Modern Identity in New York City. A recent project Laura took on was a book design for the world-famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. McNeil constantly shows initiative, inventiveness and a strong ability to iterate. Illustration Dasol Jeong is a native of South Korea and emigrated to Utah at age 14 with her mother . Jeong has shown tremendous courage by both supporting her family and pursuing her own dream of becoming a successful artist and illustrator. She has garnered the respect of her peers through her engaging optimism and the excellence of her creative work. She continues to lift and serve those around her, never complaining about her work load or financial burdens. Photography Mario Alcauter came to the United States from Mexico with his parents when he was young. As the debate about immigration policies continue, Alcauter has chosen to highlight aspects of his own life as a dreamer by using his photography training to bring attention to the issue. This summer, Alcauter plans to travel to San Ysidro, California, to document a McDonald’s on the U.S./Mexico border, where immigrants entering the country and border patrol agents guarding it both break for lunch and eat in the same restaurant. He hopes his photography will add an important dimension to the story of people on all sides who are trying to improve their lives. Faculty Doug Thomas is a new faculty member in graphic design. Thomas’s first book, “Never Use Futura,” was published by the prestigious Princeton Architectural Press. The book has been positively reviewed in many well-known design journals and in the popular media.