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Author My Story Submission

The College of Fine Arts and Communications publishes student-authored articles to highlight behind-the-scenes experiences of students and faculty within the College. These publications allow unique stories to be shared from a firsthand perspective.

Here are examples of articles our editorial team has written.


  • Authors should use this list as a template to help them craft their story.
  • Articles should use AP Style.
  • Articles should be 250-400 words.
  • Articles should include at least one high-quality visual. This can be a photo of you or of something you worked on. If you did not take the photo, make sure to credit the individual who did.
I grant BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications a royalty-free, non-exclusive right and license right to broadcast, reproduce, distribute and excerpt all materials I submit for the purpose of promoting BYU experiential learning programs.
I agree to allow BYU CFAC to edit any part of the materials I have submitted to conform with BYU CFAC and university style guides and tone.
I witness that I am the sole author of the work (or I have fully credited those involved).
I witness that I have the full right to enter into this agreement and to grant the rights to the materials I have submitted. This grant does not violate any rights of any third party, and I agree to hold BYU harmless from any claim made by any third party arising out of these materials.