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Design student teaches creativity through art

Two-dimensional studio art major Emily Holt loves painting, cooking, four-wheeling and plans to become a teacher after graduation. Holt will speak in the April convocation for the Department of Art, where she will discuss the importance of creativity in day-to-day life. Holt grew up on a farm in Enterprise, Utah with her five younger brothers. Holt and her family grew hay, potatoes, corn and raised dairy cows. From a very young age, Holt loved art. “I used to get in trouble when I was only three years old, because I would draw on every surface,” Holt said. “The chairs, tables and walls—I used everything for art.” Holt now prides herself on pushing her limits in her art. Holt feels that actively creating gives her the ability to become someone new. “I enjoy the discomfort of doing things outside the norm, just pushing boundaries through art and teaching and making people think in new ways to see things they never expected before,” Holt said. In her time at BYU Holt attended the BYU Jerusalem study abroad, worked as a TA, co-curated an exhibition at Alpine Village, worked as an artist’s assistant for Irish artist Joanna Kidney and received both a grant and scholarship for art projects. While at BYU Holt has been a part of the licensure program, giving her the opportunity to student teach for nine weeks at Providence Junior High as well as nine weeks at Harvest Elementary School. Holt will speak in convocation about the intersection of the creative process of finding oneself. “We aren’t going to figure out who we are during our first day at BYU, we become that through a process and once we graduate we continue that process,” Holt said. “Everything we do in life is a becoming process.” For Holt, art has been integral in that becoming process. Click here to the view the graduation live stream.