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Forum: Why Our Bodies Matter in a Digital World

Amy Jensen discusses the relationship between human bodies and social media.

Amy Jensen, associate dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications, delivered Tuesday’s forum address. She spoke on why our bodies matter in today’s digital world. More specifically, she explained that being more intentional about how we use and where we place our bodies can help us grow and cultivate a deeper understanding of others. Jensen has spent her career thinking, writing and teaching about the way that digital media influences society. She acknowledged digital media has been a helpful tool in her own life that has allowed her to stay in touch with family members and foster her own creativity. Despite the tools that digital media provides, Jensen recognized that our bodies are the best instruments we have been given to grow and further connect with others. “No matter how much I love the digital world and the work associated, I know that our physical bodies and souls associated matter more than any tool,” she said. Read the full article by Katie Child here.

Photo by Ryan Campbell