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Dean's List

BYU College of Fine Arts & Communications


Spring-Summer 2023
Winter 2023
Fall 2022
Spring-Summer 2022
Winter 2022
Fall 2021
Spring-Summer 2021
Winter 2021
Fall 2020
Winter 2020
Fall 2019
Spring-Summer 2019
Winter 2019
Fall 2018
Spring-Summer 2018
Winter 2018
Fall 2017
Spring-Summer 2017
Winter 2017
Fall 2016
Spring-Summer 2016
Winter 2016


The dean of each academic college at the close of each semester will post a list of names of undergraduate students who are ranked in the top 5 percent of their college for the given semester, who have earned a minimum of 14 credit hours, and who have earned a minimum grade point average of at least 3.5 for the semester.

For more information please refer to the “Scholastic Header” found here