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Department of Art

Pearl Corry | Art: Studio Art | Honolulu, Hawaii

Pearl Corry’s view on art matches Franz Kafka's quote about music — “Music is the sound of the soul, the direct voice of the subjective world.” During her time at BYU, Corry enjoyed the art program’s focus on critical thinking and theory. One of the most important things she learned as an artist is to never get too comfortable with what she is doing. Through several of her educational experiences, Corry has enjoyed meaningful and impactful experiences that helped shape her both as an individual and as an artist. During a study abroad in Berlin she took a New Genre course that motivated her to research contemporary artists on her own. She also took an Advanced Photo class where they discussed before each class about what was happening in the world. 'Those conversations in my art classes were very meaningful to me,” Corry said. “I felt lucky then, and I feel lucky now, to have been around such brilliant and compassionate people.” Corry cites her relationships with her art professors as a critical part of her BYU experience. “They instilled in me the importance of being a good person as well as a good artist,” Corry said. Corry plans to pursue both an interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts and a Master of Library Science in Art Librarianship. For her time at BYU, Corry said, “I hope I’ve been a good friend and a hard thinker.” One thing you enjoy about your major: “I enjoy when everyone is working in the BFA studios at the same time.” Influential class that you took at BYU: “In addition to the above mentioned, courses like Interdisciplinary Projects and Peter Everett’s painting classes have been very influential.” If you could have a toy designed after you: “I’d like to have one of those roller coaster bead mazes, the ones where you can push painted wooden beads back and forth along twisted wires. I think they are kind of awesome as sculptures in their own right.” Movie title for your life: “I’m always dropping things. Something about that, probably.”