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Department Of Theatre And Media Arts

Cameron Babcock | Theatre and Media Arts: Media Arts Studies | Mustang, Oklahoma

Cameron Babcock chose the media arts major because he loves storytelling. As a freshman, Cameron took an Intro to Film class that helped him understand the power cinema can have in telling stories and creating empathy in the viewer. “Film is an incredible medium to tell any type of story,” Babcock said. “Through film I have learned a lot about life and relationships.” Babcock also met his wife in the film program, which he listed as his most meaningful experience at BYU. Babcock is applying to graduate school to receive a master's degree in film production with an emphasis in directing. He plans to teach film at a university. The TMA program chose to produce Babcock’s script for the collaborative senior capstone. Babcock was able to direct the production titled “Hey Brooklyn.” It’s the story of a 8-year-old girl, Brooklyn, who tries to raise $700 for her single mom before her family is evicted from their home. The story was based off of Babcock’s childhood experiences and was recently finished with plans to submit it to several film festivals. “The experience was priceless. I improved as a filmmaker in many ways. I learned being an artist can be so vulnerable,” Babcock said. “When you write and direct something so close to home, you feel like you’re throwing your heart right on the screen and hoping that people will take it how it is.” Some of Babcock’s previous work: Spit Take We the Little Engines Promo for Divine Comedy How did your professors impact your education? “The faculty in the film program are my mentors and friends. They have taught me not only about the history, theories, and practices of film but also what it means to be a hard working, supportive person in life.” Movie title for your life: “‘An Okie Grown Up,’ because it would be a documentary of my childhood and teenage experiences.” Unique superpower you wish you had: “Super vision because I wouldn’t need my glasses anymore. They’re generally dirty anyways.” What is the legacy you hope you left for BYU? “Hopefully I left a legacy that says it's worth it to work hard and to stay humble.”